Our hub at Sóti Lodge

The lodge offers accommodation for up to 15 guests, in seven stylish en suite rooms. The dining area and living room are designed to ensure relaxation and camaraderie between ski tours and we pride ourselves in offering delicious, nourishing meals to invigorate our active guests.

The ambition of the team at Sóti Lodge is to provide personal, first-class services to all our guests, ensuring high spirits at the start of each day, and a nourishing regenerative welcome at the end of each day.

All tours Summit Heliskiing offers include evening stretching and floating sessions in our pool, to stretch and soften tired muscles between skiing sessions.

Our pool

The Barðslaug swimming pool is next door to Sóti Lodge. The history of this pool goes the back to 1895 when the first swimming pool was built on top of a natural geothermal spring to offer swimming lessons for the locals. From that time, the pool has been a meeting place for locals and a source of warmth during the cold winters.

For downtime too

A variety of activities are on offer in the vicinity of Sóti Lodge.  A wealth of different outdoor adventures and group tours can be arranged by our team at Sóti Lodge: hiking, kayaking, all types of ski tours, as well as horse tours.  The Fljótin region is a boundless source of outdoor fun.