Rise and shine

You are sitting in the bright dining room and taking in the mountain vista through the picture window. The morning sun is peeking up above the ranges in the distance and the snow shimmers in in the early rays. There is not a cloud in the sky. You step out on the veranda,  your coffee cup warming your hands, and take note of the weather conditions; clear and sharp, no wind, but chilly, and the frost nips you the tiniest bit in each nostril. The crisp air fills you with energy and anticipation – you have a great day ahead of you.



The tour

You take your seat in the chopper, geared up and prepared, after the detailed briefing from your guide that aims at maximizing your awareness of the conditions you will face and the conduct you need to commit to.  The blades rotate – and the adventure is on.

You fly towards your first run, at the starting point of the route you chose in collaboration with your guide. The Troll Peninsula is vast and wide and offers a wealth of runs and routes that promise a new, memorable experience each day.



The return

You arrive at the lodge – fatigue seeps through your muscles after the day’s exertion, while your soul is exhilarated after todays nourishment.

You hang your damp ski gear in the wetroom to dry and get ready for the yoga session, where you get a chance to stretch your tired muscles and regain your equilibrium. Afterward, the warm swimming pool awaits you, and while you let the hot, geothermal water soothe your skin, you gaze up to the endless sky above.

At Sóti Lodge the cozy living room and dining area await you, like home, only better: you will be served a delicious three-course meal, offered a variety of beverages and enveloped in personal service and Icelandic hospitality, while you exchange tales of todays conquests. Finally, you lay your head on the pillow and doze off to a deep, energizing sleep that prepares you for tomorrow’s new adventure.