Summit Heliskiing is a professional heliskiing operation, based in and focused on the magnificent landscapes of Northern Iceland. 

Heliskiing in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. The limitless landscapes ignite the sensation of discovery within even the most seasoned of skiers. Long descents towards the North Atlantic Ocean are illuminated by never ending sunsets in early summer. 

Long daylight hours allow us to choose the best time of day to ski, given weather and snow conditions. Early season and stormy periods equal powder skiing in a maritime climate, while long sunny days in late spring transform the snow into the perfect corn skiing conditions.  

Runs average 16.000 feet per day (approx 4500 meters). Huge couloirs and vast valleys offer infinite first tracks, and with Iceland’s long spring days, you can ski until dinnertime.  

R&R and the geothermal pool back at the hotel offer an evenings respite from exertion, as you’ll want to able to push your ski legs to maximum output every single day. 

No-fly weather doesn’t mean it’s a down day, because skiing is just part of the Icelandic adventure. Sea kayaking in the fjords, riding the famed Icelandic horses, whale watching, and exploring the unique volcanic terrain of the world’s youngest landmass is also on offer. Our guides will create an adventure for the day.



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