The team at Summit Heliskiing places a high emphasis on client satisfaction and safety. As part of our quest to create personalized experiences, we offer our guests an opportunity to choose from our carefully designed menu of heliskiing day routes.

The final agenda is then determined with our experienced guide according to prevailing snow and weather conditions each day, but we will do our best to make your wish come true.

Summit Heliskiing  wants each trip to be a unique experience that our guests will value with the memory they create.

You can book a day tour below:

We also offer 3 day or 4 day heliskiing tour packages that include accommodation at Sóti Lodge, full board and a lot more:

Some of our routes:

Sigló 360°

Our Sigló 360° trip will take you around the peaks at Sigló, including The Horse, Priest’s Peak and Tempest Peak. On this tour we aim for more ski-time and less fly-time.

V valley trip

Ski five different valleys on the same day.

In our V valley trip we go skiing in five different valleys, located centrally on the peninsula. We have plenty of beautiful valleys and we’ll pick the five best locations for each trip.

Three Fjord trip

Ski three different fjords on the same day.

In our Three Fjord trip we go skiing in Siglufjörður, Héðinsfjörður and Ólafsfjörður, three of the best known fjords on Troll Peninsula.

From Summit to Sea

Ski from the mountaintops, all the way down to the seashore.

We’ll be able to chase powder lines all day that go all the way to the shoreline, as many of the mountains in the North plunge down to the sea with almost no coastline in between. When skiing down these mountains, you can’t go any further than the sea, so we’ll stop there. At the end of the day we’ll have a beer and barbecue on the beach.

The Troll Ronda

This loop runs either clockwise or counterclockwise around the Troll Peninsula mountain range and can easily be accomplished in one day. The Troll Ronda is a circuit that offers the dedicates skier an opportunity to explore the Troll massif on the peninsula in-depth. Guests have countless ways to complete the circuit which cuts across a scenic and beautiful area. On the tour, guests will ski some of the best runs on all sides of the peninsula including Múlakolla in the East, Dýjafjallshnjúkur (the peninsula’s highest peak) in the South, Ennishnjúkur in the West and Hólsfjall in the North.