Experience an unforgettable day of skiing in 2023!

Few things bring as much joy as skiing down an untouched, snow-covered mountain with a breathtaking view over the Arctic ocean.  Summit Heliskiing in Iceland offers heliskiing day tours where customer enjoyment and safety are our top priority. Our base location offers clear access to the main peaks of the Troll Peninsula where many slopes end right at the ocean waves.

Your day

The tour starts at Sóti Lodge in the beautiful Fljótin region at 09:00 where you will meet your guide and cover safety protocols for heliskiing. Sóti Lodge is an approximately 30 minute drive away from Siglufjörður, along one of the most picturesque parts of the Arctic Coast Way.

Departure by helicopter is at 11:00, with some of Troll Peninsula’s best peaks on the menu. We have partnered with Norðurflug, Iceland’s most experienced helicopter service, and use their Astar B2 helicopters, seating four guests with a guide.

Around lunchtime, we’ll pause to enjoy refreshments tailor made for us at the lodge, while taking in the spectacular vistas all around us. Nourished and re-energized we’ll be ready for some more skiing, and finally end our day at Sóti Lodge where snacks and drinks are on offer.


  • 1 hr heli fly time (alternatively 8 runs) per day.
  • Skis and bindings (high performance Blizzard free ride skis).
  • Experienced mountain ski guide
  • Safety briefing (avalanche danger, use, and search with an avalanche beacon)
  • Avalanche safety equipment (backpack w/air system, avalanche beacon, shovel, and pole) – bring your own if you prefer!
  • Tailor made lunch package
  • Après ski snacks at Sóti Lodge

Price for a single day heliski adventure is €1,250/person


  • 22nd. April – 7th of May 2023

Private trip

For whom is this trip suitable? 

  • This trip is suitable for intermediate backcountry skiers in good physical condition. The guide will make sure each run fits the whole group.