The Troll peninsula (Tröllaskagi) between Skagafjörður and Eyjafjörður is a paradise for skiers.  The majestic mountain landscapes were created in volcanic eruptions 6-8 million years ago and have been shaped by ice ages by glaciers receding and surging forward climate conditions change. They created a myriad of deep valleys and recesses where the snow stays put far into the early summer, to the enjoyment of dedicated skiers. Peaks of over 1000 m are common and provide long slopes and endless runs. Often, the mountains tumble almost directly into the sea and one can ski all the way from the summit and to the shoreline, catching a breath of sea air before embarking on another run. Ancient routes between settlements are now travelled in ski tours and the highest peaks conquered by helicopter.

The Troll peninsula is a heavy snow area and offers endless opportunities for the quest for the best ski route. The backcountry ski period, starting in February, lasts far into the early summer, so avid skiers can experience the unique sensation that comes with sking golden slopes in the early evening sunshine. Siglufjörður boasts one of the best ski resorts in the country for those who choose the classical Alpine skiing. The adjacent region, Fljótin, has been called „the cradle of Icelandic ski sports“. Cross country skiing was for the longest time the main mode of transportation during the long Arctic winters, and the first ski tournament in the country was held there in 1905.

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