It‘s a wrap – a great season over and we‘re open for the next one!

As the ski season ends at Summit Heliskiing, we are happy to look back at the exciting adventures and lasting memories created this spring. From thrilling runs in Iceland’s stunning Tröllaskagi region to breathtaking views, this season has been full of beauty and excitement for everyone. We’ve welcomed skiers of all levels, offering unforgettable adventures to both seasoned pros and first-time heliskiers. We have dates open for 2025, so drop us a line and see what a memorable adventure we can offer.

Rave reviews and happy guests

Many of our guests shared their experiences by reviewing us. It made us very joyful to read these rave reviews and hear back from our happy clients at Google reviews:

– “Summit heliskiing was one of the best ski experiences I have had in my life. The scenery is awesome. The safety gear and ski equipment were perfect for the conditions. The helicopter pilot inspired confidence. The food was excellent. We had a terrific guide Óli, who was funny, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. What really made this trip outstanding was the hosts and staff. They made us feel like old friends.” – Kenneth Toft

– “We went heli skiing with guides from Summit Heliskiing. Stayed at Soti lodge. And I have to say the whole thing was a great experience. Quality in all things and accommodation excellent. Clearly a 5 star weekend.” – Hannes Hannesson

– “Great skiing with best guides in the world. All facilities are the best and I highly recommend heliskiing with Summit Helisking” – Gísli Reynisson

– “It was one of the most fantastic experiences ever! Very friendly, enthusiastic and professional guidance and organization. Our first experience to ski in the wonderful Icelandic outback we will never forget! And of course ended in a wonderful warm swimming pool with a nice drink! Thank you Summit Heliskiing!!” – Arnold

– “Fantastic experience with gracious host, top-notch Icelandic guides, and plenty of adventure. Highly recommended.” – John Sverha

– “All service and guidance was really excellent. Amazing experience!” – Jakob Már Rúnarsson

– “I can’t emphasize enough what an incredible experience we had at the Sóti Lodge. Our annual ski trip, a tradition among close friends, took us to Iceland for Heli-Skiing this year, and choosing [Summit Heliskiing] was a decision we’ll always be grateful for. What sets it apart is its commitment to employing exclusively Icelandic staff, and let me tell you, the quality of service was unparalleled.

Olof, the owner, brings a wealth of experience, having served as the head of Iceland Tourism for a decade. Her leadership ensures a top-notch operation, and the meals prepared by her husband were simply exceptional. But what truly made our stay memorable was the warmth and hospitality of the entire staff. Each member had a fascinating story to tell, having known each other for decades.“– JD Stull

Committed to safety, excellence – and fun!

Reflecting on the season, it’s clear to us that our commitment to safety and professionalism has been a key factor in making this season a success. Our guides are dedicated, knowledgable and warm hearted, sharing their experiences and knowledge of the terrain and the regions history with enthusiasm and good cheer. Our cooperation with the seasoned Norðurflug helicopter services ensures safe and smooth flights. Our collaboration with Arwa and Blizzard provides access to the best equipment and 66North ensures the warmth and comfort of our guides.

For those considering heliskiing for the first time, Summit Heliskiing’s blog post “Is Heliskiing for Me?” offers valuable insights and guidance to help prospective guests determine if heliskiing is the right choice for them.

As we bid farewell to another incredible ski season at Summit Heliskiing, we eagerly anticipate the return of both new and familiar faces next season. Thank all those who were a part of our ski season 2024 – we look forward to welcoming you back for another season of exhilarating heliskiing at Summit Heliskiing in 2025!