What can you expect of a skiing, or heliskiing tour, when you visit North Iceland? What do you need to bring, and do you need experience on the slopes beforehand? Read on to find out more about this thrilling winter activity below. 


You might not think so, but skiing is one of those activities that has a little something for everyone. 

High-speed thrills. Dramatic landscapes and vistas. Challenges to overcome. Friends to be made. What else could any good adventurer ask for? 

Quite frankly, skiing is one of the most adventurous and memorable activities guests can enjoy when travelling in Iceland during the winter.

Picture the scene. Surrounding you are snow-capped peaks, complete with long slopes of pristine snow. Below is your destination, a dark and winding coastline that will see the end of your run. 

But, between here and there, you are free to indulge in the pleasures of the mountain, speeding your way across beautiful country in a truly unique way. Best of all, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to resorts and backcountry trails. 


Where is the best skiing in Iceland? 


While Iceland might not be as famous for skiing as many other countries across Europe, several ski slopes dotted around the island offer a surprising balance of fun, speed, and dramatic scenery. However, resorts are generally only open from November to May each year due to Iceland’s climate.  

Both Bláfjöll and Skálafell resorts can be found within a 30 minutes drive from the capital city, Reykjavik, with the former offering up to 16 lifts. Guests can ski and snowboard at both resorts, as well as take to backcountry trails.  

In particular, North Iceland provides the best skiing, offering backcountry trails, freshly-laid slopes, and excellent facilities and resorts. Hlíðarfjall resort can be found close to the town of Akureyri and has been considered one of Iceland’s premier skiing spots for over forty years. Floodlit slopes and powerful snow machines keep the conditions perfect throughout the season and allow for evening sessions, hopefully with the Northern Lights above. 

The best skiing in Iceland is arguably found on the Troll Peninsula, a vast and untouched mountainous area known to locals as Tröllaskagi. With its views over shorelines, meadows and lakes, the Troll Peninsula has become a hub of recreational activity all around, offering fun tours like horse-riding, ATV and buggy rides, hiking and wildlife watching. 

Why should you choose to go Heliskiing in Iceland? 


Intermediate skiers can take their sport to entirely new heights by accessing the slopes by way of a helicopter. Heliskiing might sound daunting, but with our experienced local guides, you’re in safe hands from beginning to end. 

One of the best aspects of heliskiing is the helicopter ride itself. Soaring over a stunning natural showcase of mountains and valleys, your guide will pick out the best spot to jump on the day. 

Summit Heliskiing values safety above all else, so will not depart on tours should conditions not be perfect. If, for any reason, your heliskiing adventure is cancelled, our staff will do their utmost to slot you onto another trip to suit your schedule. 

Remember that bad weather does not necessarily mean the end of your day’s adventures, as there are countless other things to do like sea kayaking or exploring the nearby towns. 


What equipment will you need for skiing in Iceland? 


Before you leap, it’s best to wrap your head around the equipment you will need. First, make sure to wear suitable clothing, meaning a wind and waterproof jacket, warm and comfortable layers, sturdy shoes and accessories like gloves, hats and scarves. Given you will be speeding at high altitudes, also pack a full-face balaclava and a pair of goggles.

Skiing equipment includes the skis themselves, as well as ski boots, poles and bindings. Summit Heliskiing will provide you with all the other necessary kit, but feel free to bring along your gear if that is your preference. 

Before any skiing gets underway, you will first sit down and listen as your guide provides you with an informative briefing to let you know what to expect of the day ahead, as well as any potential hazards or points of interest you might come across. 


What type of skiing adventure can I choose? 


There are a variety of skiing and heliskiing tours available. Some only take a day, while others cover a longer period, allowing you more time to discover and appreciate this area. Those on a multi-day tour will spend their evenings at Soti Lodge, a luxurious countryside accommodation that beats out the competition with its cosy rooms and chef-made meals.

If you wish to browse the variety of skiing and heliskiing tours available on the Troll Peninsula, make sure to check out here