Sóti Lodge is our hub accommodation, exclusive, high-quality accommodation at the western tip of Troll peninsula. Sóti Lodge ensures the comfort of our guests with its cozy rooms and quality beds and provides a welcome R&R after an exciting day of skiing. The lodge serves quality meals and offers a full range of beverages. Next door, guests enjoy access to the geothermal swimming pool that has served locals since 1895. Alternative recreation offered includes horseback riding, e-mountain bikes, and even kayaking.





Norðurflug is the largest helicopter service in Iceland, with a long reputation for exceptional customer service and high operational standards. Summit Heliskiing is proud to partner with them in our operations, as they are known for their emphasis on safety and knowledgeable pilots, as well as their extensive experience of flying in the Icelandic mountains, heliskiing, and Icelandic weather.







66°North is one of Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies and has been keeping Icelanders warm since 1926. Our partnership with them ensures that our guides and staff are dressed according to the weather.
We abide by the Icelandic saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. 66°North guarantees that we never feel the bad weather.











Útilíf is a specialized sports equipment store, serving skiers since 1974. Summit Helissking has partnered with Útilíf and Blizzard to make sure that our guests receive high-quality skis and equipment when traveling with Summit Heliskiing.











We are proud partners with Garmin Iceland, www.garminbudin.is and Arva Europe, www.arva-equipment.com, Arva is a leading manufacturer of Snow Safety Equipment, Beacons, and Avalanche airbag backpacks. Summit Heliskiing guests are all equipped with Arva snow safety equipment. Garmin Iceland is the importer and service provider of Arva products in Iceland.