Safe journeys, everyone!

At Summit Heliskiing, we have from the start focused on ensuring safety and professionalism in our heli ski operations. We supported the development of professional standards, education and certification of local ski guides, and one aspect of this is building connections and networks within the industry To this end we proudly announce our affiliate membership of Helicat Canada.

HeliCat Canada is „dedicated to developing and holding its members accountable to the highest operating standards in the industry; to supporting research programs that will better our land use practices; to educating ourselves and the public about current trends in safety and risk management; and to promoting the continual improvement of the helicopter and snowcat skiing industry.“ As affiliate members, we aim to learn from their expertise and knowledge, providing our heli ski clients with the peace of mind that their adventure is in capable and secure hands.

Supporting professional standards for Icelandic ski guides

We supported the certification of the first Mountain Guide Graduates and the first AIMG ski guides this spring, and were honored to subsequently host the renowned Colin Zacharias, as he oversaw our heli ski guide training and reviewed our systems. Our wonderful all-Icelandic ski guide team boasts four of the five first certified AIMG ski guides, and both of the first experienced mountaineers who graduated the Mountain Guide program.

Join us in 2024!

The Troll Peninsula, renowned for its dramatic landscapes and pristine powder, serves as the canvas for Summit Heliskiing’s exhilarating adventures. We have a commitment to delivering unmatched experiences. Summit Heliskiing’s affiliation with Helicat Canada underscores a shared dedication to safety, stewardship, and service excellence, as depicted in Helicat Canada‘s Sightline 2023.

For enthusiasts planning a heli-skiing adventure in the Troll Peninsula, Summit Heliskiing’s affiliation with Helicat Canada adds an extra layer of reassurance. It signals not only an adherence to safety but a commitment to providing a seamless, professional, and unforgettable experience.

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