When is it summer?

We had a great time this spring, with perfect spring skiing weather conditions, great corn snow and a lot of fun. After wrapping up the 2024 Heliski season, we all expected summer to arrive – instead we got an extra shot of winter, giving a moments pause to the idea of stashing our skis away. The early summer snow storm caused problems for sheep farmers, was awful for nesting birds and delayed the vegetation, but it was mercifully short and we are on track for summer sun.

Now, it is summer…

Indeed, it is the summer solstice. Here at the tip of Troll peninsula we have no night, no sunset and no sunrise. The sun just dips a bit into the Arctic Ocean, shivers slightly and decides to rise again. From our hub at Sóti Lodge it is a beautiful sight indeed. This year, the midnight sun glints off fresh snow in our home mountains, where it would be easy to find good lines for skiing still.

…and there is lots to do before winter returns!

During summertime, our sister company Sóti Summits offers a variety of outdoor tours and activities to be enjoyed here, where Iceland meets the Arctic Ocean. Visitors to the far north can enjoy with us guided e-mountainbike tours, hiking tours at all levels of difficulty and boat tours on a traditional oak boat, formerly a respected fishing vessel in Siglufjörður. Many of our guests opt for staying at Sóti Lodge and enjoying a variety of these activities under the guidance of experienced, local guides.

Our heliskiing team members have also turned to other activities, diving into day jobs or seeking out summer thrills in which to guide adventurous and inquisitive travellers. And they spread out; on, above and even below ground. Our guides are a lively bunch; among other things they offer tours to all corners of the globe, operate guided tours into a volcano, offer zipline tours, and showcase how people utilised nature as dwellings here in Iceland, not so long ago. Among our team members are a computer scientist, airline pilot, carpenter and nurse. They are representatives of us Icelanders, all with a fierce love of outdoors, winter and skiing.

We can‘t wait to have them back next season, when we will continue to offer the best heliskiing available in Icelands northernmost region. We are open for bookings 2025 – check out our tours and make use of the early bird offers. Our 5% offer off the 2024 prices is valid until October 1st.

Join us next spring for wonderful skiing, excellent lodging – and fabulous times!