Summer is coming – or is it?

It has been cold in Iceland for the past few weeks and coldest in the north, where we have been blessed with beautiful snowfall since Easter. Until last Friday, the land was covered with snow and our parkas were still part of our standard outfit. For those of us who ski, this was far from being a problem. It promises a great season for spring skiing.

The Icelandic summer is not defined by the weather – or the  season

The Icelandic springtime is somewhat obscure. According to the Icelandic calendar, we celebrate the first day of summer on the third Thursday of April. This is at a time that only in warm years reminds in any way of spring. Our first summer’s day is often celebrated in sleet or snowfall, with a mental jump from winter to summer, and spring flashing by unseen.

The first day of summer is one of the main holidays in Iceland, with schools closed and many Icelanders’ using the opportunity to lengthen the weekend by taking the in-between Friday off.

Many Icelanders have mixed memories of this day, from times when celebrations invariably included a parade with a marching band that played summer songs in the sleet and wind and children stubbornly singing about the golden plover arriving with warn days and bright nights. Today, our celebrations are perhaps more realistic.

The first day of summer is now a golden opportunity to celebrate summer at the slopes. Ski resorts are still open, and this is prime time for backcountry and heliskiing, especially in the north, where winds are calm, sunshine is plentiful, and the temperature possibly goes above zero.

It is bliss.

Our heliskiing season starts on the first day of summer – of course!

Our guide team has arrived for the pre-season training days and are settling in for the upcoming season. We are extremely proud of these superb individuals who work with us to make our heli-skiing trips a safe, exciting, and memorable experience.

The Troll peninsula offers skiing landscapes that can be suitable for everyone. We offer excellent conditions for anyone who dreams of experiencing the unique happiness of heli-skiing. The diversity of the slopes on the peninsula creates opportunities to create programs suitable for all kinds of skiers. For those who seeks the ultimate thrill, Troll Peninsula offers opportunities to get the adrenaline pumping to the fullest. We take pride in assessing the situation each time, while planning the program with safety and the maximum experience of our guests as our goal.

Not surprisingly, we kick start out heliskiing season on the first day of summer with our sister company Sóti Summits. This year, the weather forecast is excellent, and the corn snow conditions perfect.

Join us now – or next summer!

We still have some seats available this spr… umm, summer. Why not make a snap decision and join us for the ride of your life?

And if you are already planning next years’ skiing, we have opened our dates for 2025. Join us now and make use of our early bird prices!