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Guide Spotlight: Smári

nóvember 27, 2023

Welcome back! Today we are introducing Smári, who is joining our guide team for the 2024 season. We’re excited to…

Guide Spotlight: Guðmundur Arnar

nóvember 13, 2023

Hi! It’s great to see you back. Today we’re introducing Guðmundur Arnar, who joined the Summit team in 2023. Our…

Ladies: Let’s Go

október 30, 2023

Heliskiing has traditionally been a male-dominated sport, but why? Well, Chillfactor wrote an interesting piece about why that might…

Guide Spotlight: Sara

október 20, 2023

Last year we added two new members to our beloved guide team, and we’re delighted that they’re both sticking with…

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