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Með fjöllin í faðminum – þyrluskíðaferð og fjallaskíðadagur

Þyrlu- og fjallaskíðaferð á Tröllaskaga - upplifðu fjöllin í návígi!

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The eternal optimism of the Icelander

apríl 23, 2024

Summer is coming – or is it?

It has been cold in Iceland for the past few weeks…

Easter snowfall means perfect spring heliskiing

apríl 8, 2024

Winter decided to reassert itself this Easter – happy spring heliskiing!

In Icelandic, we use the word „páskahret“…

Heliskiing the mountains of Troll Peninsula

mars 18, 2024

Created by troll’s hands

Crafted by the hands of trolls themselves, Summit Heliskiing operates in the heart of…

Navigating the Icelandic Backcountry – Safe Heli-skiing in Troll peninsula

janúar 23, 2024

Understanding Avalanche Signs for Safe Heli-Skiing Adventures

Here at the tip of Troll peninsula we know that heli-skiing…

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