Seasonal changes are coming

September officially marks the end of summer in Iceland. Sheep begin to retreat from the higher mountains, chased by an ever-descending frost line, until they are gathered again by farmers on horseback, to return to the warmth and comfort of their barns.

For now, the frost line is just a frost line, but soon the first snows will begin to stick stubbornly to the highest peaks, and perhaps we’ll even see the first few storms throw fluffy white flakes through the towns. Especially here in north Iceland – summer is fleeting and winter is never far away!

Preparations are underway

As temperatures drop, we’re spending the shortening days desperately squeezing in one more hike or one more bike ride, and the lengthening evenings digging out our skis, probes, beacons and shovels! The storage wax is coming off, edges are being tuned and we’re waiting eagerly for news of when the local slopes will open!

An important thing for the locals to consider, is how we’re going to get to where we want to ski. From November, it’s officially legal to switch over to studded winter car tyres in Iceland. These are practically a requirement in the north, where consistently cold temperatures and regular snowstorms mean it’s not unusual for the roads to be coated in a layer of snow and ice for practically half the year. Whilst studded tyres don’t eliminate the risk of sliding, they do add an extra element of security to otherwise challenging drives.

Have you made plans yet?

If you haven’t already, autumn is a great time to start considering your winter ski plans! Here at Summit Heliskiing, our season starts in April, meaning that you can spend your winter getting ski-fit, before joining us for the season grand-finale – four or six days of spectacular heliskiing in beautiful Iceland!

Bookings are rolling in but we still have spaces available for individuals or small groups – get in touch today and see what we can do for you!