Congratulations are in order!

After years of rigorous training and dedication, three of our Summit Heliskiing team members, Leifur, Jón Gauti and Ólafur, have successfully earned the title of an AIMG Ski Guide, in the first ever exams held for this by the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides (AIMG). Leifur and Jón Gauti are also the first to complete the entire AIMG curriculum within their home country of Iceland and are the first (and so far, only) AIMG Mountain Guides.

With this achievement, Leifur, Jón Gauti and Óli, along with two other Icelandic mountain guides, have become pioneers in the Icelandic ski guiding world. Their commitment, skill, and deep passion for mountaineering are beyond admirable. We are impressed not only by their personal achievements, but also by how they pave the way for new guides to achieve their own potential. Aspiring mountain guides have sought education abroad until now. Our trailblazers have set a new standard, showcasing the growth and development of the guiding profession in Iceland.

International collaboration

World-renowned instructors including New Zealander Gari Dicksson (glacier and mountain navigation expert) and Canadian Colin Zacharias (avalanche safety and ski consultant) provided invaluable guidance in the development and implementation of the new AIMG curriculums. The standards are incredibly high, comparable to international guide assessment systems. They mean a great deal not just to our guides, but the development of Icelandic guiding as a whole.

The All-Icelandic Summit Heliskiing guide team!

We are proud of our all-Icelandic Summit Heliskiing team and overjoyed to be collaborating with these incredible people! We’re already looking forward to next year’s season, when they return to Fljótin to create more memorable adventures with Summit Heliskiing.

So join us next spring! Come and meet our fantastic team, enjoy unforgettable experiences and adrenaline-pumping descents in a breathtaking landscape. The mountains are calling, and together we can conquer new heights!

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