Summer in Iceland is a fleeting affair.

Already, long shadows drape over Siglufjörður town, cast by mountains already faded to brown. We’re once again taking hot flasks on our longer hikes, and are digging our headtorches and warm jackets out from their summer slumber. Last weekend we experienced our first seasonal storm, with the clouds clearing to reveal snow now firmly asserting itself across the peaks! 

The “shoulder season” can be an odd one in Iceland. It’s challenging to plan ahead – sometimes we can be riding the mountain passes on our fleet of high-end e-mountain bikes or running the ridges high above the fjords well into late October. In other years, we find ourselves sheltering from cold winter storms, digging out our driveways and re-stocking our cars with tow lines, shovels and blankets. Often, the weather flits between both extremes over the course of mere days! This unpredictability can be nerve-wracking for those who aren’t used to it, but for Icelanders it’s simply par for the course, and reminds us to seize opportunities as they arise.

Time to let your imagination run wild!

Besides – what better is there to do when you’re locked inside, in a cosy bubble amidst the howling wind, than plan for when the skies clear? We know that’s what many of you are doing, as we’re excitedly watching bookings rolling in for cross-country, backcountry and heliski adventures this season! Have you booked your place yet?

What’s brought you here?

As you’re crossing off the days to your next adventure, keep your eyes peeled for new Summit Heliskiing blog content. Over the next few months we’ll be highlighting some of the fantastic individuals who make it possible to do what we do here, and sharing some of their favourite adventure stories. 

Where have your adventures taken you in previous years? We’d love to hear your stories, what you’ve learned and who you’ve been inspired by. We’d also love to help you plan your next trip – so if you haven’t yet tried Icelandic summit-to-ski runs, or if your last taste of Iceland has got you hooked, get in touch today and let’s get ready to write new stories together.