As summer nears its end

Autumn is in the air. The sun seems to hesitate before coming over the mountains, and rainy days in town are clearing to reveal fresh snow on the summits. Although we’re never ready for summer to end, we do have plenty to look forward to in winter. Seasonal storms will bring fresh, deep snow to the mountains, transforming the Troll peninsula once again into a heliskiing paradise.

Autumn tasks

We understand that safe winter adventures requires solid equipment. That’s why we are preparing for the task of sharpening and waxing our skis, checking over our safety systems and making sure all our kit is primed and ready to go! If you’re planning an adventure with Summit Heliskiing this upcoming season, you can rest assured. Any equipment you hire is top quality and meticulously looked after. Our hub Sóti Lodge is also being readied for colder days, to ensure that even your resting hours are a joy.

Possibly the biggest element of safe adventure, of course, is having solid, trusted guides to look after you in these dynamic environments. Right now, our wonderful team are making the most of what’s left of the summer season, having all kinds of adventures across the world. We miss them, and look forward to having them back as the ski season begins.

Troll peninsula, our outdoor paradise

If you too are looking for a last adventure beneath the snowline, Siglufjörður and Fljótin offer endless opportunities for e-mountainbiking, hiking the mountains, or kayaking with friends. It’s delightful to see the growth of the Troll peninsula not only as a unique ski destination, but a year-round highlight for all kinds of sportspeople. We see more and more visitors seeking out the region specifically. Here, they get to experience the alpine mountain ranges, the uninhabited wilderness at our doorstep and the breathtaking scenery at this edge of the Arctic Ocean.

For those who have visited us in the past, we know you understand what we’re talking about – and for those who haven’t – why not choose our 2023 season to come and find out?