It’s time for Guide Spotlight number three! Today we’d like to introduce Ólafur (Óli) – an incredibly experienced mountain guide who somehow manages to balance utterly remote ski touring trips in Iceland and Greenland, guiding at Inside the Volcano, and running a luxury lodge. We’re not sure where he finds the time to guide for Summit Heliskiing, but we’re delighted that he does!


Tell us a little bit about your background and guiding history.

I started in one of the Icelandic rescue squads about 25 years ago, which is a great way to start your career in mountaineering and guiding. For the last few years, I have mostly guided ski touring and heli over the wintertime and over the summertime I work as a guide for Inside the Volcano, which is the only open volcano crater you can enter in the whole world. I started that company with my friends 10 years ago.


What have you been up to during the summer?

Mostly guiding the tour Inside the Volcano. My wife and I are also operating the luxury lodge Kleif Farm, sometimes I guide and assist our guests there. In my spare time my favorite things to do are mountain biking, rock climbing and enjoying Icelandic nature.


What’s your favorite thing about being a heliski guide?

Sharing the amazing slopes with our guests and getting to see their smiling faces.


Do you have a day that sticks out as being the most memorable as a guide? Tell us about it!

My favorite thing in guiding is ski touring, I have had so many good days in Iceland and Greenland. My most memorable day is when I was evacuated by a helicopter from a very remote hut in Greenland, after being stuck there with my group for 7 days because of heavy snowing and avalanche risk with not too much food.


What do you like most about skiing in Iceland?

The nicest thing is to ski the corn snow in the springtime from the top of the mountain to the sea level, all day long until in the midnight sun.


Do you have a favorite ski run in the Troll Peninsula? Which one is it, and why do you like it so much?

My favorite on is Illviðrahnúkur (Bad Weather Peak) as it is very scenic, and the landing shows off the pilot’s skills.


What would be your number one piece of advice for someone going heliskiing for the first time?

Don’t get too excited, remember to enjoy the views, ski within your comfort limits and you will have a great tour.


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