Gleðilegt nýtt ár – that’s Icelandic for “happy new year”, and we are happy indeed! It’s only been a few weeks since the solstice and we’re already noticing the days getting longer – by spring, there’ll be daylight almost around the clock. Consistent cold temperatures mean consistent snow quality at all hours, and we’re ready to make the most of it. We look forward to heliskiing in 2023!


Plenty to look forward to

That’s not to say we’re just waiting around – over at Sóti Summits we’re launching our first cross country ski courses of the year, and we’ll even be squeezing a few backcountry trips in – including a once-in-a-lifetime oak boat ski expedition – before we take off in the heli to tackle some of the most remote runs on the Troll peninsula.

The Troll peninsula is a paradise for ski enthusiasts of all genres. With its Alpine type mountain vistas, it is a spectacular venue for unforgettable skiing experiences.

Weather-wise, we’ve been experiencing a number of storm cycles in the area and the long-term forecast suggests that we’ll continue to see very cold temperatures for the forseeable future. Snow conditions are looking good, and we’re expecting a season of spectacular maritime corn to carve up.

The peak heliski season in Iceland tends to run a little later in the year than in other venues. Whilst the North American season is winding down towards the end of March, conditions in Iceland have just about hit their stride and we’ll continue to see beautiful runs well into May and even June.


Iceland is open

The last few years have been challenging for the heliskiing community – many lodges worldwide have been crippled by border closures, disruptions to air travel, and last-minute changes in restrictions. Iceland welcomes all travellers and for those who venture off the beaten track, North Iceland during wintertime is an unforgettable destination.

Sóti Lodge, home to all Summit Heliskiing packages, is a cosy, full service country hotel housing a maximum of 12 heliskiing participants. In addition to the quality services offered at the hotel, our guests can enjoy exclusive access to the thermal pool next door, equipped with a hot tub and sauna. We offer transportation services from the next main airport at Akureyri, about a 1,5 hours drive though the beautiful landscapes of Troll peninsula.  What we’re saying is, it’s easy for you to get here, and then you’ll be in an exclusive location far away from the masses!

So if you haven’t booked your holiday yet (or if you have, but you’re tempted by some spring skiing too), then get in touch today! Limited spaces are still available in our comfortable lodge with world-class guides in a unique location – what are you waiting for?