Snow is falling, all around us

As we look forward to the upcoming season here in the north, we’re also making preparations to keep ourselves safe through the upcoming winter.

Wind is blasting, heavy gusts

The first seasonal storm hit Sigló a little early this year, resulting in a a busy rescue team taming untethered trampolines, returning runaway roofs, and fishing wheelie bins out of the fjord. We have a snowline almost skirting the coast, and although this will fluctuate over the next few months, we can expect to see snow-capped summits until around June next year.

It’s the season, snow tyres and lots of ploughing

There are various things we’ll do to keep ourselves safe throughout the winter time. The first is putting away our garden furniture! We’ll also be reviewing our winter wardrobes, recharging our headtorches and digging out our studded tyres so we can continue travelling when the ice starts to cover the roads.

Although snow ploughs are active across the country, there’s just no way to completely remove all of the ice. This means studded tyres and careful driving strategies are crucial for getting around safely. Even with studs, cars can slide, and despire consistent ploughing, wind can quickly create deep drifts on the roads. Most people therefore prefer to take four-wheel-drive cars with higher ground clearance when they need to travel.

Be safe in Iceland, everyone

By the time the Summit Heliski season really kicks off, conditions on the roads should have become easier. If nothing else, the days are long in April and May, so you can at least see where you’re going if you choose to drive to us!

Still, we recommend taking care on your travels to Sóti Lodge. This means allowing plenty of time to reach us, and considering having backup travel plans. We suggest familiarising yourself with the excellent resources at and, and taking it steady should you choose to drive to us.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that all of our four- and six-day heliski packages include free airport transfers! So you can just relax and enjoy the scenery on your travels.

Still not booked your 2024 adventure with us? Best get to it! We have limited spaces available for next season, so secure your spot today!