So long and see you soon!

June marks the first month of summer in Iceland – and the final end of heliskiing season.

Last winter was a winter of weather extremes in North Iceland. Lively winds prevailed and snow cover was less  than normally experienced.  Skiers of all denominations, cross-country, alpine and touring, found that the adventure trip to Troll peninsula was just that little bit more exciting – giving added zest to the outdoor days and more taste to the evening’s R&R.

Our heliskiing guests fully enjoyed the Arctic playground that our region has to offer – venturing with our fabulous team to the peaks and slopes of our neighboring vistas. Our partners at Norðurflug ensured safe and comfortable flights directly from Sóti Lodge, touching down right in front of our hub accommodation at the end of the day, where the geothermal swimming pool beckoned and a gourmet meal, prepared by our chef Nicolas, awaited hungry adventurers.

Troll peninsula is an endless bounty for ski enthusiasts. Its rugged mountains provide Alpine vistas in a sub-arctic environment and its pristine slopes are countless. The wind sheltered valleys are perfect stomping grounds for those who love to play outdoors. Last season’s guests certainly got a taste of that. We can‘t wait for next season – and have opened for bookings in 2023.

The in-between playground

The end of the ski season marks the start of summer. The Troll peninsula has changed its colors to provide  for other kinds of adventure: mountain biking, hiking and sea kayaking. Our region is a paradise for outdoor adventurers of all types.

Sóti Summits, our sister company offers all the adventure and activities you need to keep fit and happy while you wait for next winter’s snow fall. Check them out here – and welcome again and again to the tip of the Troll peninsula.