Welcome back! Today we are introducing Smári, who is joining our guide team for the 2024 season. We’re excited to have him – along with Leifur, Óli and Jón Gauti, Smári was part of the first cohort to complete the Icelandic Level 3 Ski Guide qualification. This qualification is the result of years of hard work, development and international collaboration, and we know that passing this exam is no mean feat.

So there you have it – let’s get to know Smári!


Tell us a little bit about your background and guiding history

During my physical education studies I had an outdoors course, as a part of it we went on a hiking trip where I and 4 other students got lost and spent the whole night outside waiting to be found. This had such an impact on me that I decided to move to Norway to study outdoor education. Ever since graduating in 2006 I have been guiding and teaching outdoor skills at high-school and university level.


What have you been up to during the summer?

This summer I built a house for me and my family and ran my 2 companies The Cave People and Laugarvatn Adventure.


What’s your favourite thing about being a heliski guide?

All the happy clients!


Do you have a day that sticks out as being the most memorable as a guide? Tell us about it!

When I was leading a group of skiers down from Hvannadalshnúkur (Icelands highest peak) and we had to help another group down that had some problems.


What do you like most about skiing in Iceland?

Spring skiing in the midnight sun and perfect corn snow.


Do you have a favourite ski run in the Troll Peninsula? Which one is it, and why do you like it so much?

Hestskarðshnúkur, it’s just a beautiful and steep run.


What would be your number one piece of advice for someone going heliskiing for the first time?

Relax and get ready to enjoy.


Alright! Well, we can safely say we’re looking forward to the 2024 season with our newest colleague. If you’d like to join Smári for some spring skiing under the midnight sun, get in touch today!